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There is no doubt that the way to a brighter future is quality education, but the problem students often face is finding the right career path. This is where ICNN comes into play. It is an online web portal that keeps students updated with information regarding top universities at no cost. The web portal has been created with the sole purpose of creating awareness and keeping students updated at all times without any cost. ICNN is among the most student-friendly online forums, where students have access to information from more than 800 universities.

We have an expert team of academicians and educationists who have studied each and every educational system and decoded the ways to excel in all of them. We aim to keep our students aware of new updates, so they are always on top of their game and never miss a deadline.

In the fast-paced education system of today, the equation of competitive examinations keeps changing. New subjects are constantly added, and dates and venues are often changing. Students often find themselves at the losing end, examination patterns change frequently, and they are left out of the loop. ICNN provides a stable, consistent, and reliable web platform for career-oriented and aspiring students to stay abreast with the latest developments and happenings in the educational circuit.

One of ICNN’s major strengths is our robust connection with institutes and colleges that provide accurate and dependable information to our web portals. The highly skilled management team at ICNN is responsible for documenting and reporting all critical and necessary information regarding admissions and exams in local and foreign institutes.

We have examined each learning side and discover strategies to succeed in all with the help of our skilled league of academics and curriculum developers. We pride ourselves on being among the most learner-affable online communities. At ICNN INDIA, Website offer various activities that are solely committed to providing students with chances to improve their learning environment.

Every student desiring higher education or even below this level needs a counselling service that can guide him/her properly to choose the best and career-oriented study programs. The chosen program must be one that helps students to be able for succeeding in this competitive world. In recent times, it is the desire of everyone to achieve something better and higher to make their lives valuable. Everybody is just striving a lot for getting a secured future but the fault is that there is no proper way known to such aspiring individuals.

Thus, the sole purpose of the said website is to provide information to the public at large, in relation to various courses offered by various institutes and UGC update guideline information.

ICNN INDIA, Student Friendly Online Forums

Our academic service’s fault is that this has previously prioritized knowledge acquisition. Pupils are not given the specific skills that something has to be finalized. Rather, students are offered endless stories that they puke up in the exams at the end of the semester. This is among the chief factors how we have maintained that our nation’s academic system is severely broken.

As a result, the main objective of the aforementioned site is to share data to the general public about multiple subjects presented by different colleges as well as UGC upgrade regulation details.

It is explicitly stated that neither academic programs nor admissions are provided by “,” which is solely for the purpose of giving data to learners to help them choose the best route for them.

Additionally, contact information is utilized to communicate with those who approach us with particular questions about certain programs or schools. It is completely neglected that using the aforementioned landlines, any customer is recruited for providing academic programs in favour of any school in exchange for payment.

With ICNN INDIA,, we give support targeted at eliminating such misconceptions via students’ thoughts that they are unable to pick their personal professional identity. In reality, we shall make it possible for them to devote their full attention to their jobs while also discovering their full capacity.

Along with certain job possibilities accessible to individuals, the majority of students are unaware that everything they require is a nudge in the proper path. They do not even know about their speciality and hastily take part in all types of exams. We, alongside our skilled group of specialists, would assist such befuddled kids in achieving their dreams and selecting the ideal profession for them.

The ICNN INDIA is that resource for your guidance. We strive to give academic counselling to a diverse range of people among the nation’s leading companies. We realize the attitude and demands of diverse candidate groups and provide appropriate guidance on which future career is best appropriate and applicable.  The path to a prosperous and fulfilling profession or career is indeed not simple. It includes Buses to be caught, training must be taken, and examinations must be accomplished. In a situation like the recent one, you want a leader; a buddy who can take you down these perilous roads, in which the wrong move might accompany you to a lot of misery.

Every Student is unique. Through ICNN INDIA, we empower people to recognize their strengths and pick a career path that would benefit them. There are several options available to students. We approve of this and work towards making each perception with us distinctive. They bring a variety of thoughts and viewpoints home with them at the time they contact us. Students will be having a broad range of options from which to choose, making it easy for them to choose which is ideal for them. They must determine for themselves whatever job route is best for them. Our staff of experienced counsellors will merely be mediators in their journey of self-identification and illuminate individuals on what’s the finest decision.

Our system has stretched its branches across the nation with an aim to address each unique person’s requirements. We all understand that the nation’s destiny is in the grip of the youth today. It is hard to imagine a brighter India unless and until individuals are educated toward being showed a high level in the community.

These are being planned to make our firm just one shop for all career-related questions and help. We also hope to be among the nation’s top effective service suppliers. Students enrolled in our services will eventually get benefits. They will realize the importance of their career after joining us.

ICNN wants to empower students to select and focus on a career path on their own by facilitating them in every way possible. With our guidance and educational counseling, students can methodically choose a career path with relative ease. Students can get information from around 800 universities and 500 colleges to provide students an avenue to improve their educational experience.

We understand that every student’s potential, strengths, and weaknesses are unique; therefore, our consultation is designed to address individual problems. An effectively personalized experience helps students understand which career path suits them best and how they can use their unique strengths to excel at their profession. Our team of expert counselors provide a medium to students that enlightens them and facilitate self-discovery.

ICNN aims to improve business processes at the grassroots level in such a way that more and more students can benefit from career counseling. Our formula is simple but effective. We create links between various schools, universities, consultants, and distance and training institutes. This makes us a complete solution for all kinds of inquiries related to education and career. It is about time we break-free from the traditional rote methods of learning so our students can compete with international educational standards.

ICNN prides on providing free online counseling to parents, and students. Our 24/7 online support keeps you updated and connected wherever you are, so you always stay ahead of the game. We keep our students aware of new updates and also help facilitate their journey abroad.

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